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We are very excited to bring our experience of delivering Prosci® solutions across the world to Africa.

As a leading provider of expertise in change management, we can help you to increase change management capability inside your organisation through the provision of Prosci® change management training and advisory support. We have a range of solutions, either face-to-face or virtual that teach individuals at every level of your organisation how to play their unique roles during times of change.  We have solutions for Senior Leaders, Change Practitioners, Project Teams and People Managers.

And with our passion and expertise in a range of change-related disciplines in addition to change management, we've also developed a brand-new set of new CMC services to compliment the Prosci® training.  Find out more about the Skill Builders.​

Please contact us.  We look forward to working with you.

Where do we come from?

Globally, we train professionals and advise on projects and programmes in organisations across different geographic locations and industries. We are actively participating in hundreds of projects every year, lending our expertise to help build change management capabilities with and for our clients. 

Managed by practising business change management professionals. CMC Partnership offers in-house and customised Prosci change management training and change support to organisations across Africa. 

For your Change Success Journey

With our passion and expertise in a range of change-related disciplines in addition to change management, we've developed a brand-new set of new services to compliment the Prosci® training.

Skills4Change - Project Management Foundation Level

In one day, you will learn about key practices and try out a variety of tools and templates. The Project Management Foundation Level enables hands-on application to your real-life challenges guided by a CMC Instructor who has first-hand knowledge and experience applying this skill set to business change.

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Skills4Change - Communication for People Managers

This Communication for People Managers Skills4Change Workshop will help existing and potential people managers understand how to use the unique skill of change communication to lead their team through change confidently.

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Prosci® Change Management training

Our customised training is based on the Prosci® change management methodology and the well renowned ADKAR® model - a systematic and holistic change management methodology adopted by 80% of the world’s largest companies.

Prosci’s role-based training allows everyone in their organisation to become a successful driver of change. 


Virtual Change Management training and support

Whilst we are in this new era of remote working, we have created a space for people to learn together in new ways. All of our training and solutions can be delivered virtually, bringing individuals together from all levels from your organisation, therefore helping to keep your organisational change management momentum going during these challenging times.


Recommended first step:


Prosci Change Management Practitioner Certification

An interactive, three-day learning experience where participants gain the knowledge, skills and tools to drive successful change initiatives. Participants learn how to apply Prosci’s methodology to an existing project and carry their training forward to improve organisational results.

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